Office Hijinks

Who are you?
       Junko Hiramatsu

Where are you?

How long have you been in Australia?
       5 Years in total.

What did you apply for?
       PR Skilled Migration as a pastry Cook

What course did you study?
       Cert III in Patisserie for one year! I has studied Tourism and Hospitality previously at Sterling College.

What did you have to do?
       I completed a skilled recognition assessment - TRA - I sent a kind of assignment - with lots of documents involved - to complete this took around 1 year!
       I also did 900 hours of work experience - keeping a logbook -
       I worked for a Pastry Company called 'VSE International' in mascot.

How long did it take to get PR?
        After I lodged for my visa it took 1 year to get PR - Many thanks to Witold and Nui from MTT!

What made you want to live in Australia?
       The people are so frindly, the lovely warm weather, the friends I made... the whole environment really!

How do you feel now?
       I am very happy with the outcome, and now I look forward to traveling around Australia - particularly Melbourne and Gold Coast.

  • Issued:
  • March, 2008
  • Written by:
  • upluz

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